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Renah Persofsky

Renah Persofsky

ICD.D, Vice-Chair (Lead Director) and Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee, Independent Director

With a remarkable career spanning over four decades, Renah Persofsky is a seasoned business leader and a trailblazer in various industries. Currently, she is the executive chairman of Green Gruff, a pioneering dog wellness company committed to producing organic and sustainable dog supplements and treats.

In addition to her role at Green Gruff, Renah serves as a distinguished member of the board of Hydrofarm Holdings Group, America’s oldest and largest independent wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and grow lights. Her leadership and expertise significantly contribute to the company’s ongoing success and innovation in the industry. She also serves on the board of Oceansix, an Israeli founded forward-thinking technology and manufacturing company in the renewable plastic industry.

Renah’s influence in the cannabis industry is further solidified through her role on the Board of Greenlane Holdings, one of the largest global sellers of cannabis accessories.

Her extensive experience includes serving as an executive consultant to many iconic brands, including Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire, CIBC, Canada Post, and Interac. She also held an executive officer position at the Bank of Montreal. Renah’s expertise in e-commerce is globally recognized. She has co-chaired the Canadian Minister’s Advisory Committee on Electronic Commerce and served as a special advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Her contributions to these roles underscore her commitment to innovation and her vision for a digitally connected world.

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